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The quartet of power



"Started taking Attica's supplements to help increase my lifting in the gym, the results have been nothing short of sensational!"

William Ruthersford - Verified Customer

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Unleash The Power:

How To Take

  • 1 capsule of each per day
  • Anytime in the day
  • Avoid empty stomach
  • Take with water
  • Consistency = Results
  • Journal your experience
  • Send us your feedback

Pure Extracts

All four supplements are 100% pure root extracts.

Traditional Roots

Historically Turkesterone was used in traditional Uzbek medicine, it gained scientific attention in the 20th century for its performance-enhancing benefits.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Cistanche has been highly valued for its purported ability to treat a variety of ailments and enhance bodily functions.

Tongkat Ali has been traditionally used in Southeast Asia as a natural aphrodisiac.Known locally as Malaysia’s "home-grown Viagra."

Fadogia Agrestis is locally known in Nigeria as "Bakin gagai," the roots are boiled into a potent decoction, a common method among Nigerian tribes to extract the plant’s beneficial properties. Also used in rites of passage, to show manhood.

The Science

Each of our supplements are scientifically backed.

You can find explanations of their functionality here, as well as links to studies.

Lab Tested
100% Natural
Gluten Free
  • Cistanche

    Cistanche's primary function is to improve sexual vitality. Known to stimulate HGH and improve sperm count and quality, it has been used to maintain youth for 2000 years. It also enables other high testosterone benefits like strength and mental clarity.

  • Tongkat Ali

    "The tree that cures 100 diseases" contains high levels of antioxidants, and is proven to reduce cortisol (stress) levels. Quassinoids in the plant stimulate large testosterone increases, boosting muscle growth and libido.

  • Fadogia Agrestis

    Known in Nigeria as "Bakin Gagai" or "Black Aphrodisiac," this herb boosts libido and athletic performance by increasing Luteinizing Hormone, which stimulates testosterone production in the testes.

  • Turkesterone

    Turkesterone works best for muscle growth. Increased ATP synthesis and glucose concentration helps performance and recovery in workouts, making it perfect for gym rats.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jon Hee
The best supplements I've had

I'm so grateful for Attica Health. I've tried a couple of other brands and haven't noticed benefits as much. I've been taking the stack option (which is all four) and its been insane. Testosterone will really improve your life, I promise you.

Omar Abadi
Sexual Rediscovery

Noticing a boost in my libido has been a welcome surprise. It's like rediscovering a part of myself.

Mohammed Amin
Natural and Powerful

The fact that these are natural and harness the power of nature is truly amazing.

Henry Bunting
Sexual Performance

I've noticed huge effects with sexual arousal. Big up the Attica Boys.

William Ruthersford
Immediate Effects

Started taking Attica's supplements to help increase my lifting in the gym, the results have been nothing short of sensational!

Tom Myers

I've been taking this for a while now, its been life changing. My whole energy has shifted, and now feeling much more powerful.

Harvey Monroe

Less anxious, more in control of my emotions.

Armaan Chopra

My daily routine now seamlessly includes taking these supplements. They've become a cornerstone of my health regimen.

Archie Dawson

I appreciate the natural ingredients. It's reassuring to know I'm enhancing my health without any synthetic substances.

Ben Allen

Clearer mind, it’s like the fog has lifted.

  • Maximal Growth

    By taking all four supplements you can maximise your potential for testosterone.

    According to Huberman Turkesterone alone can have the same effects of taking DECA. Now imagine combining that with Tongkat Ali, Fadogia, and Cistanche. All of which can increase testosterone enormously.

    Become a monster!

  • Andrew Huberman

    Andrew Huberman himself takes both Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis everyday and has reported significant increases in his T-levels here.

    In the same podcast he also recommends Cistanche and Turkesterone, highlighting their testosterone benefits.

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