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The God Root

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

"Within 2 weeks I was horny all the time and my erections were harder than ever. I feel much younger and am definitely lifting more in the gym again.'

Jack Bracknell - Verified Customer

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Increase Testosterone by 300+ng/dL in just 30 days...

Quassinoids in the Tongkat Ali stimulate large testosterone increases, boosting muscle growth and libido. Works best with Fadogia Agrestis.

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Increase Muscle Mass
Testoserone boosts protein synthesis, leading to increased muscle mass. It also enhances muscle fiber growth and improves muscle repair, incrasing strength and recovery.
Improve Sex Drive & Erections
It enhances the production of nuerotransmitters that drive sexual desire, making individuals more repsonsive to sexual stimuli.
Relieve Stress & Anxiety
Helps regulate neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, reducing anxiety and promoting emotional stability.
Enhance Memory & Focus
Supports the growth and repair of neurons, which enhances memory and spatial abilities. Also, improves mental clarity and focus through neurotransmitter activity.
Lab Tested
100% Natural
Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Cyrus Ford
My sex drive has skyrocketed

The mrs is loving it, and says she wants to leave a review as well ahaha. I've noticed that I'm thinking about sex a lot on my day to day, which is nice because I haven't felt like that for years.

Marcus Juliard
It genuinely works!

I went into this with doubts, as I haven't previously used supplements, and always that they were a bit a of hoax. However, after a few days I began to notice changes in terms of less anxiety, and generally just feeling more control. As time has passed and I've kept consuming them daily I can now see physical changes in my appearance and lifting ability in the gym. Not to mention the sexual benefits. Can't emphasise this enough!

Jasper Lowe
More confident in my erections

I started Tongkat for libido reasons rather than gym, or training so can't speak for that. But for my sex life it has been totally worth it. Thinking about adding Fadogia into the mix to see how that goes!

Kellan Hunt
T increased 300ng/Dl already.

I used to take sterods, but quit to be healthy. Where this was a good decision I missed some of the benefits, and Tongkat was perfect for providing those benefits whilst staying clean!

Harry Jones

The boost in energy from Fadogia Agrestis is incredible. I can work out longer and harder than ever before.

George Brown

I feel a new level of vitality with Tongkat Ali, especially in my libido. It's great to feel this rejuvenated.

Ian Young

There should a warning about how strong this is!

Luke Green

With Tongkat Ali, I feel like a younger, more vibrant version of myself. It's fantastic.

Alfie Evans

These supplements have become a core part of my lifestyle. I feel stronger, sharper, and more in control.

Thomas Ward

Tongkat Ali has boosted my sexual health significantly, making me feel more confident and vital.

Let the Man be Born...

Steps to Optimise T-Levels

  • 2 capsules per day
  • Optimise with Fadogia
  • Anytime in the day
  • Avoid empty stomach
  • Take with water
  • Consistency = Results
  • Journal your experience
  • Send us your feedback

Pure Extracts

Our Tongkat Ali is 100% pure root extracts.

Traditional Roots

Tongkat Ali has been traditionally used in Southeast Asia as a natural aphrodisiac.Known locally as Malaysia’s "home-grown Viagra."

The Science

Tongkat Ali increases the availability of "free" testosterone by reducing its attachment to the hormone SHBG (sex-hormone-binding-globulin), making more testosterone available in your body. 1

  • Andrew Huberman

    Andrew Huberman speaks directly on taking Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali together. He argued that when consumed as a pair testosterone levels can increase significantly, when speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience.

    He himself takes both Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis everyday and has reported significant increases in his T-levels here.

  • Folklore

    Legends say that the aphrodesiac effects of Tongkat Ali were first observed by a labourer in Malaysia, who noticed that animals in the areas of the forrest where Tongkat Ali grew tended to be more sexually active than the rest. He believed this was because they were consuming the plant and it was increasing free testosterone and enhancing their libido.

    We know animals respond to Tongkat Ali from this study on mice. 1. So perhaps this is true!

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