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Siberian Tiger



"Noticeable increase in muscle definition since starting Turkesterone."

Nolan Kemp - Verified Customer

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How To Take

  • 2 capsules per day
  • Anytime in the day
  • Avoid empty stomach
  • Take with water
  • Consistency = Results
  • Journal your experience
  • Send us your feedback

Pure Extracts

Our Turkesterone is 100% pure extract.

Traditional Roots

Historically used in traditional Uzbek medicine, it gained scientific attention in the 20th century for its potential health and performance-enhancing benefits.

The Science

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid found in plants that is known to stimulate protein synthesis, enhancing muscle growth by increasing the activity of ribosomes, which produce proteins. Unlike anabolic steroids, it doesn’t bind to androgen receptors, potentially offering a safer alternative for muscle enhancement.1

Lab Tested
100% Natural
Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Tommy Pastures
Noticing long term benefits

Been taking Attica Health Turkesterone for a while now. The initial benefits were great, but you can really see differences in your day to day life once you're two/three months in and they are having full effect. It's changed my life for the better immeasurably.

Orion Vance
I enjoy cold showers more!

I watched a video on youtube which said that having more testosterone effectively makes difficult tasks enjoyable. I've defo had this experience since being on turkesterone. I'm enjoying gym sessions, cold exposure, and long sauna trips much more than usual.

Felix Joyce
Turkesterone Works!

I was already taking Attica's fadogia for a while and that worked, particularly with libido. So I wanted to add something a little more gym/muscle focused, which Turkesterone is perfect for. I do muscle training 4-5 times a week and I've recorded scores increasing a much faster rate that I would see otherwise.

Oliver Smith
Game Changer

Ever since I started taking Turkesterone, I've noticed significant gains in my muscle mass and overall strength. This stuff is a game changer!

Kai Patel

Stamina during workouts has significantly improved, making each session more effective.

Nico Johnson

I've noticed a significant enhancement in my libido and overall vitality since starting this supplement.

Mateo Brooks

Since starting this, I've noticed a huge boost in overall strength and energy at the gym.

Jude Mason

I feel more energized throughout the day, which has been great for both workouts and daily tasks.

Ronan Garcia

My endurance during workouts has increased dramatically, allowing for longer and more intense sessions.

Luca King

The muscle definition I've achieved since taking this has been incredible—clearly noticeable results.

"Siberian Tiger"

Notably boosting the uptake of the amino acid leucine in muscle cells, Turkesterone works best for muscle growth. Increased ATP synthesis glucose concentration helps performance and recovery in workouts, making it perfect for gym rates.

  • More Plates More Dates

    Popular 'Gym-Bro' Derek Munro, known for 'More Plates More Dates' youtube channel has advocated Turkesterone on Joe Rogan, Modern Wisdom, and his own channel for a while.

    As a trusted fitness enthusiast this popularised Turkesterone and many have reported huge benefits in terms of muscle growth and gym gains.

  • Uzbekistan

    Turkesterone is a phytoecdysteroid, a plant-based compound structurally similar to the ecdysone hormone in insects, primarily extracted from the Ajuga turkestanica plant in Uzbekistan. Historically used in traditional Uzbek medicine, it gained scientific attention in the 20th century for its potential health and performance-enhancing benefits. Today, turkesterone is of interest in fields like sports nutrition and medicine for its unique properties.

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